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Meet the Team

Optimal is located in Stafford, Texas, and was acquired by Golden Max LLC in November of 2015. Optimal provides highly automated logistics inventory services, along with solution-driven capabilities targeted at reducing customers’ operating and sales expense. We have expanded from our traditional Optimal Overstock to include Optimal Master Distribution (MD) and Optimal Government Services (OGS). All represent a “lower cost to serve” option for our healthcare industry.

Optimal will supply medical supplies and services with integrity and commitment to meet or exceed stakeholders' requirements and expectations. Optimal will take pride in achieving this through:
-Managing profitability
-Improving efficiencies
-Sharing knowledge
Optimal is dedicated to the continuing improvement of the quality management system.

Manny Losada
CEO & President of Optimal/MedPro Associates

Manny Losada is the President and CEO of Optimal and serves as the President and General Partner of MedPro Associates. He is a member of the Executive...

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Christopher Johnson
Director of Operations and Logistics

Christopher Johnson is the Director of Operations and Logistics for Optimal. In this role he is the senior leader for the distribution, quality control...

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Parker Bigley
Executive Vice President

Parker Bigley is the Executive Vice President of Optimal. In this role, Bigley has global responsibility for sales and customer support. He is a member...

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Rachel Miller
Senior Financial Accounting Manager

Rachel Miller joined the Optimal team in January 2016 as the Senior Financial Accounting Manager, providing financial assistance to day-to-day operations....

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Jason Murphy
Vice President of Procurement

Jason Murphy is Vice President of Procurement for Optimal. His primary responsibilities are to strengthen supplier relationships, drive operational savings...

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Tyree Palmer
Director of Information Technology

Tyree Palmer joined Optimal in 2016 as Director of Information Technology. The scope of his responsibilities encompass daily IT operations, strategic planning...

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Pete Junge
Vice President of Government Services

Pete Junge has been part of Optimal Team since 1998. After majoring in Accounting at Loyola University New Orleans, he worked in Real Estate Tax Accounting,...

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Optimal Healthcare Solutions has a strategic partnership with MedPro Healthcare Sales Solutions to meet our clients needs.

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