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MD Program

There are significant obstacles within the supply chain. So, how do we fix that?

Manage One Relationship With Us.

Optimal's MD Program addresses the needs of the distributor and the manufacturer. It reduces costs across the board, and improves service levels to the end user.

Our goal for the distributor is to decrease cost by lowering on-hand inventory, reduce receipts, reduce back orders, lower lead times, and increase inventory turns.

Benefits to the Distributor

  • Improved cash flow

  • Reduce operating expenses

  • Reduce lead times

For our manufacturing partners, we remove significant transportation and transaction costs. We will consolidate and reduce smaller monthly orders and aggregate them to larger, more cost-effective orders.

Benefits to the Manufacturer

  • Consolidate shipping locations

  • Improve lead times

  • Enhanced product availability

Optimal's MD Program is a win-win-win for the healthcare supply chain. We create opportunity for our distributor partners to service their contracts, without filling up their warehouse. In turn, they’re able to move hard inventory dollars off their balance sheets. The manufacturer is able to utilize our MD Program to reduce significant administrative and operational expense by redeploying resources in order to build capacity in their organizations.
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