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Optimal’s mission is to reduce the cost of healthcare by providing efficient supply chain solutions. We accomplish this through several industry-wide initiatives such as our Master Distribution program (MD), Government Services, contract sales and selling Overstock, and providing Sales Solutions.

Quality & Service

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Optimal is committed to excellence. Our logistics and technology platform is built to maintain and exceed customer expectations. With a culture of continuous process improvement, Optimal is always driving efficiencies through innovation.

Delivery & Support

Optimal is a low cost service provider. We deliver products, contracting services and sales support throughout the United States. Headquartered in Houston, Texas our experienced team works every day to support customers by getting the right product, at the right time, every time.

Optimal delivers world class service by utilizing technology to efficiently and rapidly communicate with manufacturers and distributors. Supporting customers via a highly trained customer support team to coordinate with manufacturers, we ensure customers get the right product at the right time every time.
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The three biggest issues in getting your product in the hands of customers are:

Multiple Shipping Locations
Multiple Shipping Locations

Our single ship to solution increases efficiency and profitability by reducing your administrative and operational expense, allowing you to reassign or redeploy your resources. You will have better control of production and inventories, enabling you to balance your inventory to customer demand.

Long Customer Lead Times
Long Customer Lead Times

Through consolidation of resources and aggregation of inventory you will realize improved lead times and product availability. Our redistribution capabilities across multiple distribution locations nationally enables you to efficiently manage one relationship with us.

Enhanced Market Visibility
Enhanced Market Visibility

By utilizing our services you can leverage our long-standing distributor relationships to increase your market visibility. By contracting with our MD program, you are ensuring your product will be handled with the highest levels of quality assurance. We ship more than 100,000 parcels a month to 350 distributors at more than 1,500 locations nationally with a 99% accuracy rate.

The MD Program eliminates these problems.

Our MD program eliminates the stress and obstacles that stand in the way of moving your products to customers by improving customer service and your market visibility thereby increasing efficiency and profitability.
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Government Contracts & Sales

Optimal’s Government Services (OGS) team takes the complexity out of contracting with the Federal Government. We offer established federal contract schedules, prime vendor distribution agreements and a national sales force trained and actively calling on federal medical centers. Optimal simplifies doing business with the federal government from bid to contract to customer service and field sales coverage.
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Turn your idle assets into cash by selling us your overstock inventory.

Optimal has developed a simplified system to purchase your overstock inventory. Supported by proprietary software and 15 years of product data, we are able to match your excess product supply with demand from other healthcare customers and handle all aspects of the transaction .
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Sales Solutions

Put your products in the right hands, through our MedPro team of experienced and highly trained sales professionals. MedPro markets and represents high-quality brand manufacturers into the acute care hospital, federal government, long-term care, physician, and surgery center markets. The MedPro formula combines experience, knowledge, innovative strategy, and most importantly, strong relationships, which makes MedPro an industry leader in contract sales for medical manufacturers.
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Manufacturer Alliances

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